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    Black screen and app crash while rendering with ASUS nVidia GTX 1080

    J-Alan-L Level 1

      I'm still using Premiere and After Effects CS6, and I recently upgraded my EVGA nVidia GTX 550 Ti graphics card to an ASUS nVidia GTX 1080 (not the Ti version).


      I'm encountering problems.  First, Premiere still doesn't offer the Mercury Playback Engine CUDA processing I was hoping to finally have activated since the 550 card was not one that Adobe ever supported, and After Effects still cannot render 3D objects in final quality modes.  But worse still, I cannot get Premiere to do a final render of videos without my new AOC monitor blacking out at some point during the render.  I can get the monitor's picture back by unplugging and replugging its cable back into the graphics card, but when the picture comes back up, invariably there will be an error message stating Premiere CS6 has stopped working.   The monitor blackout only happens when I'm rendering videos from Premiere, weirdly enough.  After nearly 40 years of using personal computers, I've never before seen a software crash that would completely black out my monitor.  What's going on?


      I've downloaded the latest nVidia driver for this card, but the problem remains.  I'm wondering if the card itself has a problem, and am considering returning it.  If I do, I think I'd get something else anyway since Premiere still cannot utilize CUDA processing and After Effects still cannot fully render 3D objects in final quality.


      Is there a fix for this 1080 card?  If not, what's the latest card that can be made to give Premiere and After Effects CS6 full functionality in the areas I mentioned?  Any help would be appreciated.  Computer stores cannot offer me any help, and I don't know what to do at this point other than to return the ASUS 1080 card and put my old 550 Ti back in.


      Jeff Lemke