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    License expired CS4 all programs stopped. The 'repair download' won't work./Mac

    artistjillian Level 1

      To my dismay ALL my Adobe Programs ceased today, saying License expired on my Mac. It also had a notice saying 32 bit not working - 64?

      I tried following the adobe instructions. A big portion of this is downloading a repair file - and that also does not work - I get the licensing expired notice with that too!

      Trying to get help is impossible.
      After some 10 hours I'm tearing my hair out.
      This is the 2nd time this has happened. I think the first time it happened I retrieved from 'My Book' backup. But that doesn't work this time - I get the license message again.
      It is quite possible that I got these programs 10 years ago. But I need them. Paid a lot for them, and can't afford to toss them, or use creative cloud.