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    Performance issues with Lightroom

    Atharia Level 1

      Hi, I encountered problems with Lightroom whilst using the nvidia geforce 416.34  (latest) driver. I am using an Asus ROG i7 (4th gen) with 16gb  DDRAM3 and 2 hard drives (1 default of 1 tb and one SSD Samsung EVO 860 on M.2 connector - both are SATA). All the programs are installed on SSD, same as windows 10.


      BUT....i don't have issues using Photoshop. And lightroom before was slow only when exporting. Now...i tried to clone some skin imperfections and OMG, took 10 sec to sample a clean area. I wasted 20 minutes to fix 5 red spots on skin (which would take 5 min in photoshop) but the amount of pics i need to edit is quite large (around 200).

      I did changed the Nvidia settings to use on global max performance but i don't see any difference.   I also made Lightroom to use/not use graphic card and still no difference.


      Please help.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Could we please have some specific detailed information:

          • Version NUMBER of Lightroom (do not tell me words like "latest" or "up-to-date")
          • Size of monitor in pixels (do not tell me inches)
          • Size of photos in pixels or megapixels (do not tell me megabytes)
          • Exact make and model of your CPU
          • Exact make and model of your GPU