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    Flash OCX FlashVersion

      I'm using the flash OCX in a Delphi program and I need to know the version of flash plugin installed. I have flash on my computer and when I call the function FlashVersion from a flash OCX instance I get the numeric value of 524288. What this numeric mean. How I can get from this number? Did exists a table that associate this number with flash version?
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          Currently I am developing an application in C++ using Flash as interface through ActiveX. The function FlashVersion returns a long integer, which only gives me the major version number if I break the number down in a for me sensible way.

          To obtain this number I use the following code, where the flashInterface pointer is obtained through creating an instance of the flash.ocx

          long version = flashInterface->FlashVersion;
          long major = version >> 16;

          How can I get the more detailed version number. I need to be sure is installed.