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    Image Artifacts in Lr Library Module

    jeffreyh96105683 Level 1

      After the Oct. Lightroom Update I noticed that one of my pictures (a .dng) has a series of artifacts at the left-hand edge in the library module (see arrow on picture). Noticed that this occurs also when opening this same picture directly in ACR in Photoshop, only the artifact colors displayed are different.


      When switching to the develop module, the artifacts disappear. These artifacts also do not appear in Microsoft Photo or Luminar.


      Unfortunately I imported this photo only after the Oct. update, so I have no way of knowing if it would have occurred on the Lr version prior to update.


      Can someone shed some light on what causes this? It appears to be related to ACR, since Photoshop ACR is also affected.


      More info: It now appears that the artifacts do appear in the Develop module as well. They seem to change - before they appeared as a solid black strip, but now I'm seeing some colored lines as well. I have made sure that the clipping indicator is off. One other piece of information: When I turn clipping on, the blue clipping indicators appear in the areas where the artifact colors do not appear.