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    Looking for some help with a very old Mac/old Lightroom

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      We have an issue with a Mac here and I am wondering if anyone can help!


      1) We have an old Mac running OS X v10.5.8 so it can't be updated at all (from what I can find).

      2) On that Mac we have Lightroom 2 v2.7 which again can't be updated.

      3) We have thousands of photos which are stored on a couple of external hard drives.

      4) The Lightroom, however, has all the tagging work that we have done on these photos over the years.

      5) We have recently bought Creative Cloud Photography from Adobe with 3TB of storage. The idea is to have all these photos stored in the cloud so that we can access them anywhere.

      6) However, because of the age of the Mac and the Lightroom we have, I am unable to download and upload the files to the new account for some reason. When I try and export the files from Lightroom, they save as NOINDEX.


      If anyone has any ideas I would be extremely grateful!


      Thanks, Simon