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    2019 System requirements - MacPro obsolescence?

    Dominic Witherow Level 1

      Can the PP 2019 version run on ANY MacPro?


      The incredibly unhelpful wording of the requirement for '6th generation Intel processor' has me worried that there is no official MacPro capable of running the latest software.


      Firstly, how can one discern what generation of processor one has in their Mac? I have spent ages trying to find this information and I can't even find a relevant date for when they started production, let alone something equating to a name or a model in which they are found.


      Further to that, I have found a wikipedia page which lists processor types and their related Macs. Due to my problems with working out what processor is what generation I am unclear (who'd a thunk it?), but it seems to me that the latest MacPro (dustbin version) is only available with processors from way before 6th generation (which I THINK is 'Skylake').


      This is really confusing, but the implications for so many of us are very considerable, so we need clarity. My own model, which works beautifully with High Sierra, PP 12 and all the other 2018 CC apps, seems certain to fail the 6th gen test (MacPro 5,1, 6-core 3.33, 48GB RAM, GTX 680 Mac, 6G SSD system drive) as it's bound to have a fuddy-duddy processor. But, does this update really exclude EVERY MacPro?


      Any clarity, suggestions etc most appreciated.