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    How do I set up my adobe acrobat DC to look and act like pro XI?

    MiguelFed Level 1

      I have always used the Adobe Acrobat Pro (non-DC versions). I am extremely dissatisfied with the changes in DC from Pro. IX, X, and XI.  I cannot stand the way it looks. DC reminds me of some kind of old free shareware program, not quite a word processor, mostly docs composed of scans or text docs that are difficult to edit, like the old pro, but the "look" is so boring and ugly, oooover-simplified, extremely poor contrast, with barely visible icons and less file type menus, where you would be able to understand the Fxs.



      You can download old Acrobat Pro XI, but Adobe seems to frown on using what you like rather than what they want you to like! Moreover, Adobe seems to try to sabotage your ability to use it or actually ruin the app itself with the help of MS.

      Since it is politically taboo to use Pro XI, Is there a way to set up DC to look and run or work the same as Pro XI? Or should I set up Pro XI again because I am having worse problems with DC, namely 'saving' or 'saving as' files, especially after editing?


      I get "I/O errors" or "restricted access," "You have no right!" or "file not found," and there is no tangible help, when I need it. I have to re-edit each time I print....even cannot print to pdf file right!  DC is annoying. At least with Pro XI, I could resolve the issue myself. DC is re-deranged in a different way, not so discoverable either and overall unpleasant to use. I would give it a 2-star rating out of 5!  My overalls rating is ANNOYING.


      Please, somebody, anybody help me with some tips or instructions on how to change DC to look like and function like Pro XI!!!