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    Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: "Fill & Sign" in infinite loading loop

    alexaf88433359 Level 1

      I'm at work and I do not wish to have legal files uploaded to the main adobe site (https://cloud.acrobat.com/fillsign) in order to use the digital signature and initials function, which displays that the signature and initials are still available/saved in adobe somewhere. With the downloaded adobe program, I have tried uninstalling, re-installing, rebooting, shutting down my system completely and booting it back up, as well as going to "Help > Repair Installation" and nothing has worked thus far. I've spent hours on troubleshooting that is now taken from time I could have better spent on actual work. The signature settings work for my co-workers under the same internal network, and mine has malfunctioned into a loading circle several times now, which does not load for days at a time.


      No updates available

      Adobe version:

      Adobe Continuous Release: Version 2019.008.20074

      Version File Version: 19.008.20074.43139

      AGM Version: 4.030.00081

      CoolType Version: 5.014.00035

      Core Version: 19.2048


      Please help me permanently fix this so I do not need to go through posting to forums again to resolve the issue, as this is the only feature available to contact adobe to resolve such maintenance problems.