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    Code for Embedding Flash from a Remote Site

      I'm currently searching for help in establishing a method for supplying other web sites with the required code for embedding a flash video clip on their own site which points to the source clip being hosted from my own domain.

      The video clip is a short "teaser" clip with a hyperlinked button that points to another web page containing the complete video. Both the teaser clip and the total clip are hosted on my domain. The idea is to be able to give a chuck of code to the web master of another site, so that they can embed the teaser clip movie on their site, while the teaser clip source files are all stored on my own server.

      I'm having a very hard time finding information on how to do this, so if anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

      Also, the video clip was created and published as a Flash 8 file (for compatibility) using CS3.