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    AcroTray has a yellow circle with an exclamation mark in the center

    noreenk115 Level 1



      I have Acrobat Pro DC.  Does anyone know how to fix the above issue?  Everything seems to be working fine.  I can make a PDF from a Word doc.  I recently did a Microsoft "Fresh Start" because my apps were all screwed up and Acrobat was not functioning at all.  It kept "not responding" just after opening up.  My pc eventually became so slow.


      On Windows Defender health check it showed apps were screwed up.  So I was at a loss of what to do.  I can't afford to take my pc in unitl the end of the month so when I saw this "Fresh Start", I thought what have I got to loose.  Afterwards, it gave me a complete list of what was removed and I slowly started to install drivers, graphics cards, iTunes anad other apps back again.


      My pc works great.  It is fast again and there is no delay in opeing up programs.  I crossed my fingers when I downloaded Acrobat DC.  I tested many things out with it and they all worked fine, but then I noticed in my start up section of my apps that the AcroTray didn't look right with that exclamation mark in it.


      Does anyone have any suggestions how to get it to normal?  I have a Dell Vostro laptop.  I use Windows 10 and I have Office 365 installed.


      Thanks for any help,