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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Pro Camera's DNGs processed very differently after recent updates...

    eric_brb Level 1

      I started noticing what I thought was pixel corruption along one edge of DNGs processed with Lightroom Mobile 3.6 (Android).  I believe the edge corresponds with one side of the camera's sensor since the edge varies when I shoot portrait (left or right side) vs landscape (top or bottom).  The apparently problem would carry over into Lightroom CC and on to Adobe Camera RAW 10.1, but I didn't think much of it since the offending pixels were often cropped way as I finalized my shots anyway.  I noted the corruption in another post as it renders differently if I'm using hardware rendering (appears to be a color look up table) or software rendering (solid black).  In previews or on a mobile device, it always looks like the hardware variant (I don't know if you can disable hardware rendering on Lightroom Mobile).


      However, the 4.0 updates to Lightroom Mobile and Adobe Camera Raw 11 have caused new issues that are much more dramatic.  In some cases, the photos expose in a totally different way that causes my usual settings (for which I have made presets...things like applying profiles and pulling down highlights) to dramatically lower the overall exposure.  In some cases, I find myself raising exposure significantly to compensate only to have the settings appear to have the exact opposite result as soon as I leave the editing module (or close Adobe Camera RAW).  And if I go back and try to bring down the now overexposed photo, the resulting photo becomes super underexposed.


      Thus far, I am not seeing this behavior if I shoot DNGs with the Lightroom Mobile Camera on my Samsung Galaxy S9.  This only happens if I use the phone's native camera app in Pro mode...which is more fully featured than Lightroom's camera.  I also have not seen any such issues with CR2 files from my Canon 5D Mark II.


      I have since verified that I can get around the apparent corruption by simply opening the DNGs in Adobe Camera Raw 9.1.1 (I still have pre CC Bridge / Photoshop CS6 installed)...which makes me suspect the photo data is actually fine.  But more recent versions of ACR supports quite a few features I had already taken advantage of (profiles and many more local adjustments) which means that I may have to rollback to the previous version of ACR / CC for hundreds of DNG photos I have processed, but not yet exported as JPEG.


      Is it possible to rollback to a previous version of Adobe Camera Raw?  The Adobe Creative Cloud manager doesn't appear to include previous versions of Camera Raw CC.