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    h.264 exporting as green with sound

    Greenscreen00 Level 1

      The new PP 2018 update and 2019 have killed off any hope of exporting an mp4 video.

      Everything was working fine until the update, since then I’ve had multiple error exceptions, red screen of death, media pending, blank project screens, constant crashes and now finally a green screen on exporting.


      I’m about done with this software after what I’ve experienced this week.


      Right now, I can export in every form perfectly except h.264. All it gives me is a green screen with the audio files.

      I’ve tried:


      Turning off accelerated h.264 decoding

      Fully rendering before export

      Changing the render settings to software only

      Making my current CS19 file backwards compatible and using it on CS18

      Updatimg drivers and manually setting graphics card to Nvidia




      Windows 10

      16 RAM

      Intel i7 CPU

      Intel UHD Graphics 630

      Nvidia GeForce gtx 1060


      Any advice for how to fix this is most welcomed