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      Hi all,
      I have just completed a project and would like to use it for my template. I want the same feel and look ie. caption box colors and all, for all future projects.

      It is not working out as I planned, is there a way captivate does this?

      Thanks all.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi skora

          From your project, click File > Save As... and click the drop-down where it says "Save as type". Then choose "Adobe Captivate Templates (*.cptl).

          Then when you wish to create projects, click File > Record/Create > New Project... > Other > Create Project from Template.

          Does this help? Hope so... Rick
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            skora Level 1
            Hi Rick,
            Template is 34 slides
            When I go to start project Captivate ask to continue fromend of template slides
            Now project slides increase in number but the text captions from the template is not the same as the new project. I taught the new project takes on a carbon copy of the template, or am I just wishing?
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi again skora

              Here's the deal. The template will only configure things such as the recording size, any captions you have manually inserted and whatnot.

              When you record a project, regardless of the template in use, there are other settings at play. If you click Edit > Preferences... Recording node > Defaults node, you may choose the caption styles that will be automatically inserted for you.

              Assuming you have already created projects and simply want a different caption type, just change one and use the "Apply to all" setting. But I'll warn you that it sometimes misses the mark and doesn't seem to apply to all. So it may take a couple of attempts.

              Hopefully this helps some... Rick
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                skora Level 1
                Another thing why is it that when I go to check "automatically add text captions" in preferences (Modes - Demo) the project ends up with two text captions, one telling you to click here and there and the other box basically saying you are in this page. And why do they all share the same color?
                I tried changing one but it changes both with my edit preferences.

                Please help.
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                  skora Level 1
                  Hi Rick, I think you pre-empted me and answered my last message.
                  I will keep trying.
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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Hello again skora

                    This sounds as if you have recorded in one of the simulation modes and possibly changed the settings. It sounds like you have what Kevin Siegel in his "Essentials of Adobe Captivate" book describes as a "Hybrid" mode. It is a mix of Demonstration and Simulation.

                    Just a brief overview:
                    In Demonstration mode, you automatically get Text Captions, Highlight Boxes and Mouse movement.
                    In Simulation mode, none of those types of items are present. Mouse is not there, Highlight Boxes aren't there and Text Captions aren't there. Instead, you end up with Click Box objects placed where you clicked the mouse when recording. Each Click Box may have a special Feedback caption type associated with it. This caption only appears if your user clicks OUTSIDE the Click Box area. (Basically it's saying HEY! You are in the wrong place!)

                    As for why both types of captions look the same, it's a bit like asking the doctor to pinpoint where you picked up an infection! I can only guess that perhaps you or someone else changed the settings prior to recording. Either that or someone messed around and used the "Apply to all" setting.

                    Cheers... Rick
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                      skora Level 1
                      Hi Rick,
                      Is this book "Essentials of Adobe Captivate" in stores? B&N etc.
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                        Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                        Hi skora

                        I'm not sure if stores would stock it. You may order directly from Kevin Siegel's site at http://www.iconlogic.com or from Amazon.

                        I will say that Kevin's book is widely used by training centers as he curriculum to teach Instructor Led Captivate classes.

                        If you would like, send me a private E-Mail and I'll be happy to provide you with a coupon code for a discount off Kevin's book. Additionally, I also offer Remote or On-Site Captivate training if you are interested in something like that.

                        Oh, and lest the training police come after me again (forgot about today's world where we all have to be so cognizant of political correctness) In no way shape or form was my comment above about my offering training intended to imply (explicitly, implicitly or otherwise) that I am THE SOLE SOURCE of training. I'm a good instructor and I regularly receive very favorable reviews of the classes I conduct. So I didn't "just squeak by" with passing the instructor exam. If you are interested in training, Adobe has a list of certified trainers all over the world. Even if you are in Bugtussle Ethiopia I understand! So please don't construe my offers to indicate anything they aren't.

                        Oh, and this message may also be infected with peanut dust. So if you are allergic...

                        Cheers... Rick

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