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    Photoshop 2019 and LR Classic CC v8 impossible to use offline

    seb astien

      Hello everyone,


      I did the update to Photoshop 2019 and Lightroom Classic CC v8.

      Since impossible to start the software without internet connection.

      A connection once a month is normal. But at every connection, it's heavy. And above all, difficult to work in places that have no connection.


      I am running Windows7 SP1.


      I contacted the service, I await their explanations. I already disconnected and reconnected since Creative Cloud ...


      Since I uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop 19.1.6 and Lightroom 7.5, it works well offline.


      Are there people who are in the same situation?


      use the software online, then cut the connection, the software works. but restart WINDOWS without internet connection, photoshop or ligthroom do not want to start.

      some people could do the test so that information goes back to ABODE?


      A Bug of this MAJ?