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    Presets not importing or being organised properly


      I recently clean installed windows 10 and then reinstalled lightroom. I transferred across all my export, metadata, templates etc from the previous install, and while everything seems to be good I cannot get my presets to import properly. They are in the correct location, in the adobe/lightroom/develop folder organized into sub folders but they just do not show up in LR. If I try to import a folder I cannot but if I try to import the presets from within the folder I can get them to show up in the "user" presets folder although they are not organized into different folders. I have removed all the preset, from the develop folder and then tried putting them back, I have also tried removing the presets and tried importing from LR but nothing seems to work. Any ideas why the standard drag and drop procedure for presets is not working and what I can do about it?

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          JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

          The location and the format of Develop presets has changed since Lightroom Classic 7.3. You probably did not copy them over because you did not know where they are stored right now. They are now .XMP files and stored in:


          C:>Users-[your user name]>AppData>Roaming>Adobe>Camera Raw>Settings


          They are also no longer organised in folders. The group organisation is done in Lightroom itself, and stored inside the preset file. The folders you use are ignored. If that bothers you, then you can use this plugin to restore the folder behavior: Fix Presets Lightroom Plugin