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    Beginner has a Problem: A low-Level exception occurred in: CFHD.dll (Get AVI Codecs)

    patrickp2148171 Level 1

      Hallo together,


      im an absolute beginner when it comes to Video Editing. So i was watching an online class about Premiere Pro, after finishing it, i wanted to edit my first video, so i downloaded the free Trial of Premiere Pro 2019. When i Started the Programm i got an Error with the following message: A low-Level exception occurred in: CFHD.dll (Get AVI Codecs). I really dont know how to solve that problem. First i wanted to ignore that error and just start to edit some videos. But on my Go Pro Footage i got on both monitors problems playing that footage. It has like a purple and sometimes a green inking...


      I hope someone can help me


      Thanks in Advacne