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    DataGrid Columns

      am new to flex
      in my datagrid 6 columns r there
      4 columns values are coming from database(one table) and i want to insert other 2 column values and save the all 6 column values into another table
      id,name,sex,school values are coming from one table
      and phone,marks after student entering his values into these 2 col's i want to store all these 6 col values into other table
      hope u ppl understood my prob
      waiting for reply...........
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          dietmar.paulus Level 1
          I think to show the first four values in the datagrid should be no problem, for the other two columns I would use an own itemrenderer which extends textinput so that the user can enter his data, when the user finished putting in the data and click save, you have to collect the data (through the dataprovider of the datagrid)

          next step is to store the data in a database table. For this I use webservices or something like that (you should use the same technology which gets you the data of the first four rows out of the database) when you have your collected data just call a webservice methode which handles your data, make your right sql-statements and then just store it

          hope I could help you
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            satishreddy536 Level 1
            thanks for u r help
            is there any way to store col's without using itemrenderers
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              dietmar.paulus Level 1
              the problem is that you the user has to put in the data you want and if you want to have the fifth and sixth column to be editable there must be a textinput or something like this. To do this you have to "tell" the datagrid that there should be a textinput, and therefore itemrenderers exist.

              another solution ist that you have a datagrid with your first four columns and that you put two normal textinputs next to each row, but then the textinputs are not part of the datagrid BUT this should be no problem I think
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                satishreddy536 Level 1
                thanks for ur help
                it's working now using itemrenderers
                one more thing every time after executing the my flex project .swf file is generating automatically
                is there any way to turn it off?

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                  dietmar.paulus Level 1

                  Sure, check your setting under:


                  there are three checkboxes on the right side, you have to try but one checkbox is responsible for this