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    Painfully slow exports with larger files


      My export rate on current pics (in the 5600 x 3200 range) is between 3 and 7 a minute. This is with minimal adjustments and a crop, similar performance with camera raw files or jpegs.

      If I go back to pics from my archive (around 2700 x 1500) I can export over 100/min from jpg, about 50/min from raw.

      All tested with the same export settings, couple of times both with and without a resize.


      I understand that the bigger pictures require more processing but the difference in processing time seems exceptionally high.


      I've tried every optimization tip I can find too, no discernible difference.

      I have older i7 with ssd, gpu. It's obviously capable of processing the smaller files quickly.

      Am I missing something or anyone got any tips beyond the usual stuff?