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    Proxies are showing up as the wrong size (squashed vertically)

    Jonibean Level 1

      I just found out about the proxy workflow, so I followed a tutorial yesterday that showed me how to create a proxy preset and then an ingest file, which also added in a watermark so I could tell when I was working with the proxies.


      My footage is all 1920x1080, some mts, some .mov. Some is 59fps and some 30. I've read that I can't transcode the 59fps to 30 because it will slow it down, and this is all interview footage which has audio. So I tried to keep the same frame rate as the original and used a Cineform codec with 1280x720 quality 1, and the watermark (image overlay) added. But it keeps changing the size to 1280x853.


      All of the proxies it made with this preset are squashed vertically and have black bars above and below, and they're bigger than my originals.


      What are the format, preset and codec settings to use for this type of footage on a mac so it can be the same width and height as my original, but smaller and easy to run in a proxy workflow? I've read that the H264 preset is too hard on the computer as well for proxies. So I'm not even sure which format to start with - Quicktime? I'd really like to have the watermark ability on these proxies.


      thanks for your help.

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          TrentHappel Adobe Employee

          The frame size setting to 1280x853 may be due to starting with a frame size with a different aspect ratio. In the Export Settings Video tab, you could try clicking Match Source button (which should set to 1920x1080 if that was your source clips) and then type in 1280 for Width. If that still results in 1280x853, you can click the chain link icon to the right of Width & Height (tooltip is "Select to maintain the frame aspect ratio while resizing.") to no longer force maintaining frame size ratio and then type in 1280 for Width and 720 for Height.


          It's a challenging balance game to create Proxies that are very small in size, yet have good quality and good performance. H.264 can get you good quality and small frame size, but the compression required to do so is not very performant. Going with something like QuickTime GoPro CineForm - Mac & Windows, Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy) - Mac or DNxHR/HD QuickTime or MXF - Mac & Windows can get you good quality and performance, but will be larger than H.264 clips.


          I would recommend some investigation using CineForm or ProRes or DNxHR with smaller frame sizes to find the best balance for your workflow. These codecs have good quality, so you might be able to go smaller than 1280x720 frame size to get the file size smaller, keep good performance with hopefully acceptable quality.


          It is that or get more storage to accommodate the CineForm/ProRes/DnxHR Proxies.


          Hope this helps.

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            Jonibean Level 1

            Thanks for taking the time to answer this, I appreciate it.


            I found that when I converted to a .mov file rather than using mp4 before making the proxy, it didn't make them a different width. I'm not sure if that's the right answer, but it seems to work.