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    tinylion_uk Level 2
      Looking into the .actionScriptProperties file in the root of my project, I can see this is where the compiler options are set. My question is this, it's is ok for me to change these values here rather than using the dialog. Also is it ok to have line returns between options, just making them easier to read?

      I just want to make sure that this IS the file used by the compiler, and changing it by hand won't break anything (assuming I don't add incorrect values of course)

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          Mihai Corlan Adobe Employee
          Hi tinylion 1968,

          We don't encourage people to hand edit this files. So it is up to you. You should use the provided properties dialog pages.

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            tinylion_uk Level 2
            yes, i see that. it's just that it's so much quicker editing files then going through menus. mainly when adding extra compiler options (a single line inte the properties dialog becomes very hard to read when you are adding many options,or defining variables/constants. maybe in some future Builder we can have a larger text entry area here.

            thanks for getting back to me
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              tinylion_uk Level 2
              This is a copy oif a feature request I made, just so you can see why I was asking thequestion:

              please vote if yo agree

              Dialog - project.Options.Flex.compiler

              Improve the 'Additional Compiler Options' input UI

              if nothing else just make it a large textField rather than a single line.

              I'd like a large text field (that removes line returns, if they are a problem for the .actionScriptProperties file. not sure if this is the case, but noticed that all compiler options in this file also span a single line). Side question: are line returns ignored in this file? If I was to use this file to add and edit options, rather than the dialog would i be able to make then span lines (just to better organize, and keep track of).

              Maybe even add extra check boxes, or several input areas for additional options. 1 textField for variable declarations, one for a pointer to your services.xml, one for you locale source path etc etc.,

              But, if nothing else just one nice big text box would be great. oh, even better if I could also add comments to it.

              when entering anything other than a couple of additional options the display becomes very hard to read/edit and generally keep track of. Being on a single line makes organizing options almost impossible.

              Also not all compiler options are obvious from just the dialog. I know the information is out there and was simple to find, but I wonder if some users are missing useful features just because they are not easily visible.

              Current Work-around:
              at present I'm work on a large res display (2560h) and i'm having to make the dialog full screen width just to see what's in there. This is really not optimal.

              Thanks for taking time to read this, and for an amazing product.