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    jpeg brightness in <mx:Image>

      Dear all,
      Help is really appreciated on this. I have searched the forum but could not find an answer on this.
      I have and jpeg image which I load into a image control (this image control is wihtin a Box on the Canvas).

      If I compare the swf with a normal html page (in both IE6/7 or FireFox and safari) the same image looks about 25% brighter in Flex/swf then it does on the normal html page. The images are loaded from a webserver/directory.

      The image loaded into Adobe Photoshop is identical with the image on the html page. I'm have checked this with the flashplayer 9,0,115,0 installed.

      Could anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong or what settings I need to change? My conclusion is that the player is doing something with the brightness/gamma of the image.

      Thanks in advance.