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    Need to retrieve site URL (http referrer) of the site my Flash player is placed on

      Hello All,

      I am trying to implement a custom flash player where my embedded source code (<OBJECT></OBJECT>) can be placed on various websites. I would like to gather some information of the users who are using my flash player on their site. I wrote the following code inside the flash player to gather the site URL (http referrer) so I can send this piece of information back to my server.

      javascript: if(null != document.all) {
      window.document['adbVcmAd'].Movie += ('&site_url='+encodeURIComponent(document.URL));
      else {
      window.document['adbVcmAd'].setAttribute('src', window.document['adbVcmAd'].getAttribute('src')+'&site_url='+encodeURIComponent(document. URL));

      var sl = _root.site_url;

      I am able to get the site URL in IE, but I cannot get the site URL from users using Fire Fox.

      If anyone has any ideas, please post a reply or send me an email.

      Much Appreciated!