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    Camera Raw CC 11.0 is corrupting Samsung S7 DNG-files?

    AntonHarfst Level 1

      Since I updated Creative Cloud this morning, Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC Classic are not displaying my Samsung S7 DNG-files correctly.

      No problems before. Now all imported and opened DNG files have the same problem: they display a coloured band on one of the long sides of the files. And no, I don't copy the photos from my S7 to my HD with Lightroom directly. I do that with Windows Explorer. No damage in the copied files. Checked that with RAWTherapee. But all imported files have the same artifacts on one of the long sides.


      As we have two Galaxy S7 in the house, I checked on both with the same result. I also checked on an older version of Photoshop CC that still uses Camera Raw CC 10.5 and it is displaying the files correctly. I also checked on my second machine with Creative Cloud updated. And as I was abroad I did not update it there and all files were displayed correctly. Now that I have updated Creative Cloud I get the same problem even in Samsung S7 DNG-files that were fine before.


      So, that's why I think it is Camera Raw CC 11 that's causing the problems.


      Is anyone else having this problem. I found this Artifacts at Edges of Galaxy S7 RAW DNG Files in Ps, Lr Classic and Lr | Photoshop Family Customer Community on another forum just now...