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    Borders resizing & mask problem...

      Hi I am having trouble masking a FLV video and creating borders for it. I was able to link the borders to the video based on size but if you take a look at the images below you can see that it isn't working properly (borders are messed up and the mask's corner curves get enlarged).



      Any suggestions/help would be appreciated!
        • 1. Borders resizing & mask problem...
          Well, I fixed the border problem by converting the border strokes to a fill.

          Does anyone know how to fix the mask though so that the corners don't change their radius?
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            With the help of someone on IRC I have a function that will redraw the item at the specified size with the specified corner radius BUT it's not working.

            I get error "1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Void." for "function drawRoundedRect(target_mc:MovieClip, boxWidth:Number, boxHeight:Number, cornerRadius:Number, fillColor:Number, fillAlpha:Number):Void {"