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    Adobe Creates GPUCache Folder in Mapped Directories

    chelsea h27272462

      Adobe Acrobat's latest updates have started creating GPUCache for users when opening PDF files. It does NOT happen on all PDFs, but many. It's annoying our users. Anyone know how to turn this off? Or are you experiencing the same problems? Hopefully this will be fixed in another update. Version that are doing it are listed below.


      Verion 2019.008.20071

      Version File VErsion: 19.008.20071.41678

      AGM Version 4.030.00080

      CoolType Version 5.014.00035

      Core Version 19.2048

      JP2k Version 1.002.00002.41572



      Verion 2019.008.20074

      Version File VErsion: 19.008.20074.43139

      AGM Version 4.030.00081

      CoolType Version 5.014.0035

      Core Version 19.2048

      JP2k Version1.002.00002.41572