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    Person walks in front of mask

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      Hey guys,


      I'm working on a project that's shot in a kitchen and some of the doors/panels needs to be dark red instead of orange. I'm using the lumetri effect on an adjustment layer and used made a mask around the door then was able to change the color from orange to red. However, one of the actors walks and stands in front of the door and now his face is dark cherry red.


      How can I solve this? Also have to use a mask because the floors are an orange shade too so just doing a basic color correction change without mask makes the floors/actors lipstick makeup/etc turn red too



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          Meg The Dog Adobe Community Professional

          Duplicate the clip so that you have the same clip directly above the color corrected clip. Easiest way to do this is to click down on the color corrected clip with the Option (Alt.) key held down and drag up one track.

          Remove the color correction on the top copy of the clip.

          Trim the top clip so that it just covers the bottom clip when the actor passes in front of the door.

          Apply a Mask to the actor and Track that Mask, so that the mask follows the actors actions.

          This will cut out the actor and reveal the color corrected scene behind him.




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