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    Massive import color change in Premiere Pro v12.1.2 (build 69)


      As you can see the massive color change in these two pictures, the first one was taken on the general Movies & TV app on windows, and the second pic was taken after importing it to premiere pro. Super frustrating and I can't find anything on this. I'm new to Premiere so I don't know what it would be. It is a 4k file with high bitrate (20,000+) since it was taken from a 4k UHD bluray file.


      If you want to know, I'm on MPE Software only as when I used CUDA with my GTX 1070 it bugged out a lot with photoshop files and effects. I've seen a lot of problems with this specific setting so I thought you would want to know. Other things such as my i7 4790k, 16gb ddr3 1866mhz (most dedicated to adobe products), GTX 1070, I've changed the color range in my NVIDIA control panel and it hasn't seemed to help. Maybe there is a color range inside premiere that I don't know of? No other files are effected this way, JUST this ONE movie file. The color looks just as good on any other movie, but not this one. I was thinking maybe this has HDR? Cause I just got another 4k video that was HDR and it looked way darker in windows player, but when I went into VLC it looked like this as well. I also tried exporting a small bit, uploading it to youtube and looking on different devices but it looked the same. Hope you all know the solution to this cause it's getting on my nerves. Thank you!


      color problem2.jpgcolor problem.jpg