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    "Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo" - smart preview issue


      I edit other photographer's images. I rely on clients sending me their catelog file and smart previews. I edit their smart previews and send back the catelog file only (all via dropbox). Usually, this works very well, but sometimes when I open the catelog the images can't be edited. The have an exclamation mark on the images and the error:"Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo."


      I notice that beneath the histogram in these problematic catelogs, it says "originals + smart previews". On the catelogs that work well it says "smart previews".


      For some reason these catelogs are ignoring the smart previews and continuing to try to reference the original files, which of course are not available.


      How can I fix this issue? It seems to happen for very large catelogs (4500+ images) but not for smaller ones (although this might not be the cause). I have ticked in preferences "use smart previews instead of originals" but it doesn't want to work on the smart previews for some reason.1.jpg




      A bug? Or am I doing something wrong?


      I should also note that the photographer has updated his lightroom, and has re-imported and exported the smart catelogs several times, with no success. He can edit the images on his computer (Mac) without issue. He has also sent me about a dozen catelogs that do not have this same problem.


      Attached images to illustrate.