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    CfExchange Tags and Microsoft 440 Error

    kellyda Level 1
      I have had a set pages using the CfExchange tags working fine with our old Microsoft Exchange 2003 server. My institution recently upgraded to Exchange 2007. None of my pages work now. They all return a 440 (login timeout) error, almost instantly. Loggin directly into the Exchange Web form does not produce this error.

      To complicate matters, I must access a server that is not the mailbox server. This server is a gateway that redirects unmigrated users to the 2003 server and migrated users to the 2007 server.

      Most of what I have seen regarding this error points to certificate or permissions problems. I've had our ColdFusion server admin import the certificate from the Exchange servers with no positive results.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          It started to work for me, when I added formBasedAuthenticationURL option to cfexchangeconnection tag.
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            Dan_Sorensen Level 1
            Our Exchange 2007 server requires HTTPS and uses Forms Based Authentication. Using the basic example, I was receiving a 440 (login timeout) error. To solve it, I imported the SSL cert into the JRE truststore, enabled the "HTTPS" protocol, and then specified the formBasedAuthenticationURL attribute of the cfexchangeconnection tag. Now it works correctly.
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              Thanks for posting the above, guys. I am trying to do the same, and emulated Dan's code above. I am getting this:

              Connection to [server] is refused.
              Ensure that the Exchange server is running and that it supports the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) you have specified for accessing it.

              The Exchange server is running, and is updating my mailbox as viewed in Outlook. Any more ideas most welcome.

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                Dan_Sorensen Level 1
                Keyman: Have you verified that the WebDAV service is up and running on the server you are connecting to?

                Note that my example assumes the following:
                1. IIS and WebDAV are enabled on the target Exchange server. (This has been documented elsewhere)
                2. The username and password you're using has the appropriate permissions for a WebDAV connection. (I'm not the Exchange admin, so I'm not sure what they are, but I think the account needs to be allowed to connect to OWA. - Please correct me if I am wrong.)

                Optional: (don't use if you don't have to)
                - IF HTTPS is required, use the appropriate argument.
                - IF Forms Based Authentication is on in Exchange 2007 (as was my case), you'll have to work around it using the formBasedAuthenticationURL argument.

                I hope that helps clarify my prior message.
                - Dan
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                  keyman Level 1
                  Thank you, Dan, it did help.

                  WebDav is a separate product which might or might not be installed at the server end (wasn't in my case). However OWA was enabled, and that was the ticket for me. I asked the mail administrator to turn on OWA for the particular mailbox I wanted to read (and already had credentials for). After that it was quite straightforward, and I was able to read the mailbox immediately, using just the minimal statements outlined above. This link is also useful:


                  The name of the server was just the https url (without "https://"). I did not need the formauthentication parameters.
                  Of course, I did include the "protocol" clause.

                  This is a great feature in CF8.

                  - keyman