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    Tweened Graphics Appearing Somewhere else

      I am just doing something simple to get used to animating in Flash. What I am trying to do is make hair move on a head portraite I drew in the program. I convert certain parts of the hair to a graphic symbol before tweening and everything. The first set of bangs I tween do just fine, but all the other parts of the hair appear somewhere else on the screen, then move back to where they're supposed to be staying. What am I doing wrong?
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          abeall Level 3
          Does the tween arrow in your timeline appear dotted rather than solid? That means there is a problem. There should also be a little [!] sign, clicking on it will tell you what's wrong.

          In this case, it sounds like you have more than one symbol/object on a tweened layer. You can only have one object per layer when motion tweening.