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    Flex Builder 3 will not have support for refactoring, after all

    Ansury Level 3

      Anyone who thinks that the term "refactoring" should also include being able to move files around (rather than simply being able to rename things!) should vote for this "minor enhancement". Of course - we can no longer vote for it, because it has been deemed a "minor enhancement" and put off indefinitely (marked deferred).

      Is anyone else extremely disappointed by this decision? Not only is this more than a "minor" enhancement -- it arguably means that claiming FB3 supports refactoring would be completely false advertisement. At best, it will support partial refactoring. (Of course, saying that is going to raise eyebrows if it's on the feature list.)

      Perhaps Java/Eclipse developers are spoiled with this feature, but in a large project, there are ALWAYS files that need to be moved around.

      Does anyone else feel the same, or am I overreacting?