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    Keyframing time remapping, Help


      I have been trying to figure this out for ages so I will be very very happy if someone manages to figure it out. I am trying to create the effect where it looks like the camera is flying through video screens. (this is a demonstration with pictures and not videos)

      and then

      and then

      So for this, I have keyframed the scale from 0 to 180 and I have keyframed the position from the centre of the frame to go to the side of the frame. (I also overlapped two video tracks going the opposite direction so you get the idea of the effect I want). The problem comes with the timing. Because the position is moving at an even speed (because it's between two keyframes)  then when the picture frame is at a small scale, lets say 100 position to the right, it seems like its moving very quickly but then when the picture frames scale gets large then 100 to the right looks like it is moving very slow. I did fix this by using the time remapping function and slowing down the first part of the clip and speeding up the second part of the clip. This worked as I wanted when I tried it with pictures but the problem is that I want to do it with video and using time remapping will affect the video playback and not just affect the position and scale. I tried doing it on an adjustment layer but when I hit play it just showed black on the playback window. So trying to explain the effect I want... I want is similar to the stargate thing in 2001 space odyssey apart from instead of the lights on each side I want there to be videos.