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    Is there a way to export multiple copies of image as different file names




      I'm a product photographer, and I'm currently building out a very large image library for the company I'm working for.  Right now, some of the products I'm shooting have multiple sku's associated with them, because the products sometimes are sold in bundles with specific accessories.  I've currently added each SKU (separated by commas) as keyword tags, so that if I search for a particular SKU in Lightroom, I can pull up all of the possible views that I've got for each product.  After I complete my edits, each file has to be exported (and named per its SKU) for use in various web applications.


      The filename structure looks like:  "SKU#_ANGLE#.jpg"... so, for example: "00400893_2.jpg"


      The problem I'm having, is that if each image in a particular product line is associated with 4 skus, when it comes time to export the image, I have to export it 4 times, and then rename it 4 times -- manually -- once for each SKU.  Is there some way to automate this??  I have contemplated just picking 4 random metadata fields, and assigning each SKU to a different meta field, and then generating the file names on export using those fields, but maybe there is a better way to do this, that I'm overlooking?  If not, does anyone know of a plugin or some other means to be more efficient with this process.  It's not a big deal to do when I'm working on a few files here and there, but I'm getting to the point now, where I have to export a hundred images at a time -- which then becomes 400 images by the time i'm done.


      Any insight would be awesome.


      - J