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    IE not refreshing data

    Tigomark Level 1

      I have this app that was refreshing data in development but now once I deploy it to my server I am not getting the data to refresh in IE(6/7). In FF every thing updates and resends to the server just fine. Here is the code that makes it work.

      the httpservice


      <mx:HTTPService id="tempXML" resultFormat="e4x" result="onResult(event)" url=" http://mysite.net/info_wrapper.php?customer={customer.text}&amp;username={username.text}&a mp;password={password.text}" />

      <mx:TileList dataProvider="{_xlcMyListData}" labelField="fleet" left="35" right="15"
      width="350" backgroundColor="#000000" color="#ff0000" fontSize="27" borderColor="#000000" columnWidth="315" rowHeight="50" themeColor="#808080" fontWeight="bold" allowMultipleSelection="true" id="TileList1" height="0" y="202" x="178"/>

      The Updater script


      import mx.collections.XMLListCollection;

      private var _xlcMyListData:XMLListCollection;

      private function onResult(Event:ResultEvent):void {
      var xmlResult:XML = XML(Event.result);
      _xlcMyListData = new XMLListCollection(xmlResult..asset);

      The refresh button

      <mx:Button label="Refresh Page Now" height="27" fillAlphas="[1.0, 1.0]" fillColors="[#030000, #030000, #474545, #474545]" borderColor="#DCDEDF" click="tempXML.send();"/>

      Any Ideas?