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    PP 2019 Live-Text edits revert to default font


      We mistakenly updated to PP 2019 this week, thinking it was a smaller update.


      When updating from PP 2017 to PP 2018 and in the years before we have been able to offline, update and relink the AE Comps we use for lower thirds. We tried that this time, and PP constantly crashed once the files were updated and relinked.


      After removing the AE Comps from PP and reimporting them there was no longer a crash. However, the live-text in the AE Comps loses it's font setting if editing within PP. This can't be corrected as the font setting are correct within the AE project.


      I am attaching screenshots of our correct lower third with the Rift font.

      LT Correct Font.jpg

      Once the live-text is changed within PP, the font switches to what I am guessing is Myriad Pro.

      LT Chnaged in Live-Text.jpg