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    Bookmark editing position...

    Lorne Resnick



      Is there any way to bookmark where I left off in editing a batch of images?


      For example: I have 5,000 images in a folder that I am going through and assigning stars to. If I get halfway through and then have to go to another folder in LR, and then go back to that same folder it's hard to know where I left off as LR goes to the beginning of the folder, not where I left off. Of course, I could write down the images number I left off, but that is not practical if I am doing it with several folders.





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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't normally use color coding. So I have on occasion set a color code on an image as a bookmark. Then when returning to that folder I can filter on the color to find that image, and then remove the bookmark to continue from that point. It's a little clumsy, but it works.

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            Lorne Resnick Level 1



            Good suggestion. Yes, I have done exactly that before, I should have mentioned that. But I was looking for something a little less clumsy.


            Ideally, LR would have a preference that enabled me to either "go to the 1st image or the last image viewed" once I return to a folder.


            LR gods, are you listening? :-)




            Anyone else have a more elegant solution while I wait for the LR gods to answer?