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    Trying to update code of my app to AIR Beta 3 with Flex 3 Beta 3

    celebi23 Level 1
      k, so I finally undertook the task of updating my code of my AIR app from Beta 1 to Beta 3 (real life got in the way for a bit). I started a new AIR Desktop app in Flex Builder 3 Beta 3, updated the information in the "Application Descriptor File", copied over the images & icons into their correct folders & then finally copied the information from the old "main.mxml" file to the new "main.mxml" file. Everything looks alright except that I have 2 errors that keep showing up:

      1119: Access of possibly undefined property selectedItem through a reference with static type String.


      AppleCare Search-2/src

      line 25

      The same error also shows up for line 26 as well.

      here is the code that's causing the problem. I attached the code of the main.mxml file to put this piece of code into context. I also attached a .zip file containing the source code. I've looked at all of the guides posted by adobe & can't figure out how to fix this problem.

      if (type.selectedItem.data != "all") {
      u.url = " http://search.info.apple.com/index.html? as_q="+AppleSearch.text+"&btnG=Search&lr=lang_en&type="+type.selectedItem.data;

      The source code (exported as a Flex Project Archive)

      If anyone could help me figure out (or at least point me in the right direction) that would be amazing

      The code of the main.mxml file: