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    Secure/dynamic watermarks

    mattn95553419 Level 1

      Not sure if it is Adobe Experience Manager or Adobe LiveCycle because the names have changed, and I'm not sure if this is even possible any more because the Captivate example (ApplyRMPolicyInAcrobat_demo) and a lot of other Adobe Acrobat help topics show old versions of the SW with menus that no longer exist. But I need a solution that provides a dynamic watermark (with username/timestamp/confidentiality notice information generated on the fly) but which is also unaffected by MS Azure Information Protection Viewer (which apparently can strip FoxIt dynamic watermarks) and can't be hacked by a $10 restriction removal app like A-PDF Restrictions Remover (http://www.a-pdf.com/security/restrictions_remover.htm).


      1. Do we have to get LiveCycle (Adobe Experience Manager)?
      2. Can we use Acrobat's embedded Certificate Security or Adobe Experience Manager Document Security (from the Protect > More Options > Security Properties menu)?
      3. Do we have to purchase some third-party solution like Locklizard's DRM software (Document Security & DRM Copy Protection | PDF Rights Management )?
      4. If we have hundreds of users who will need access, can we apply some group permission sets so we don't have to customize it for every user (or require every qualified/verified user to register)?


      Even partial answers will be appreciated.