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    Library Module Complex Searches

    JMarkTurner Level 1

      Lightroom's Library module is weak in its search functions. I market some of my work as stock, direct to clients who have very specific requests.


      Is there a way to search all photos that contain a specific word in the caption, which were made in specific months (any year), and are in any folder with a specific name? For example, my one of my searches today called for finding all photos with "Pinus" in the caption, photographed during the winter months (November-March), in a garden (I have folders named Gardens under my master "year" folders going back to 1993). Without limiting the search to the months I need, and garden photos only, I had to wade through 3000+ photos to find the handful that fit my client's criteria.


      I know I can select individual months, within each year, using the Metadata panel, but it's really tedious to select the months individually within each year. I also know I can select the individual "Gardens" folders and limit my search to those, but again it's very tedious to select each of those separately for each year.


      Although it shouldn't matter, I have nearly 300,000 photos in my catalog, running LR Classic CC version 7.5, under Windows 7.