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    Deleting a corrupted topic

    Moonlion2 Level 1
      I went ahead and deleted the .cpd file thinking that might help but it made things worse. When I deleted the .cpd then tried to open the project, RH7 told me that the .cpd file was corrupt and that I should delete it. Erm...

      So I put the original .cpd back and the project opened OK and everything, but the errant topic remained and was still undeletable (as exepcted, really).

      When I get properties on the topic and go to the File tab, its location is listed as missing and all the other characteristics (size, created &c.) is listed as unknown. When I click the open folder button it leads to the folder where the file used to be before it was corrupted. It's certainly not there now.

      So ... any guesses as to how to well and permanently delete this topic?