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    Crash on export

    dynamicm82987100 Level 1

      I have tried restoring my application from the time machine, re installing, clearing cache and settings...etc. My other project export succesfully. I have no idea why this one doesn't work! It is really holding me back as I need to move onto more work and I have been trying things out for two days. If the crash report is helpful here it is. I am using a 2013 macbook pro with a dedicated 2gb graphics card and i7 processor with 16gb ram. 512ssd.


      Process:               Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 [31148]

      Path:                  /Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018/Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

      Identifier:            com.adobe.PremierePro.CC12

      Version:               12.0.0 (12.0.0)

      Code Type:             X86-64 (Native)

      Parent Process:        ??? [1]

      Responsible:           Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 [31148]

      User ID:               502



      Date/Time:             2018-10-24 12:54:29.626 +0100

      OS Version:            Mac OS X 10.14 (18A391)

      Report Version:        12

      Anonymous UUID:        CF6DEA39-AEFF-0549-C330-227E8FBA0B09



      Sleep/Wake UUID:       94A88986-6A2B-41F4-BD5B-3778A795C6B0



      Time Awake Since Boot: 410000 seconds

      Time Since Wake:       14000 seconds



      System Integrity Protection: enabled



      Crashed Thread:        49  Dispatch queue: opencl_runtime



      Exception Type:        EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL)

      Exception Codes:       0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000

      Exception Note:        EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY



      Termination Signal:    Illegal instruction: 4

      Termination Reason:    Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0x4

      Terminating Process:   exc handler [31148]


      Thread 49 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: opencl_runtime

      0   com.apple.CoreFoundation      0x00007fff3030f568 CFRetain + 114

      1   com.apple.GeForceGLDriver      0x00007fff2b3a4f54 0x7fff2b0b7000 + 3071828

      2   com.apple.GeForceGLDriver      0x00007fff2b3a4198 0x7fff2b0b7000 + 3068312

      3   libGPUSupportMercury.dylib    0x00007fff4bdbbf34 gldLoadTexture + 182

      4   com.apple.GeForceGLDriver      0x00007fff2b3bf530 gldLoadTexture + 218

      5   com.apple.opencl              0x00007fff38ef6bcf 0x7fff38eb6000 + 265167

      6   com.apple.opencl              0x00007fff38efd9a7 0x7fff38eb6000 + 293287

      7   com.apple.opencl              0x00007fff38ee1d7a 0x7fff38eb6000 + 179578

      8   com.apple.opencl              0x00007fff38ee3d66 0x7fff38eb6000 + 187750

      9   libdispatch.dylib              0x00007fff5d38cdcb _dispatch_client_callout + 8

      10  libdispatch.dylib              0x00007fff5d393120 _dispatch_lane_serial_drain + 618

      11  libdispatch.dylib              0x00007fff5d393bd8 _dispatch_lane_invoke + 388

      12  libdispatch.dylib              0x00007fff5d39c084 _dispatch_workloop_worker_thread + 603

      13  libsystem_pthread.dylib        0x00007fff5d5cc61c _pthread_wqthread + 409

      14  libsystem_pthread.dylib        0x00007fff5d5cc415 start_wqthread + 13

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          dynamicm82987100 Level 1

          I really do not see how that helps.

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            dynamicm82987100 Level 1

            I was trying to edit my post so it is shorter as it goes on forever. I was not sure if all this information might be needed? I cannot edit my post now that it has been posted. What point are you getting at? I put what computer I am using.


            All I can say is the footage is from a panasonic gh2 in high bitrate mode, it is MTS files.


            I have had issues with them before and now it seems on a Mac it is worse. My mac really does not like this codec and even trying to play back in VLC player it is struggling. Funny thing is when I put it in ANY other mode it is fine but high bitrate mode is the only one that shoots in 25p which I want to shoot in.


            I hope someone can help me.


            I nailed one shot that makes my computer down. I found that if I do not export that one file on the timeline then my project exports fine.


            Really annoying as I have two projects that are completely useless now and one of them I spent a lot of time on it and really do not want to re edit it all.


            I converted the footage and EVEN with the footage converted I am having problems but over all it is running much better when they are MP4 files not MTS. BUT when I replace every piece of media in the project with the converted versions the sequence is still crashing. I even started a new project and imported the sequence with all the shots replaced and it still crashes.


            Strangely when I make all the audio offline then it works so I guess there is some kind of glitch or codec conflict that prevents it working, I think its in the sound. I really don't know but it feels like that as when I try to edit this one piece of audio from a video file I shot then it all crashes to. If I leave that out of the export then it works.



            I really hope this all explains things more. If a technician could see this crash report could they at least point me in the right direction? It's like my whole operating system hates this damn MTS footage. I swear I exported stuff before that was fine shot on the gh2, now its like everything is cursed and its sucking all my time up just trying to figure this problem out!


            I hope someone can help me.


            Many thanks Dom.

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee


              I'm looking at your crash report and it's GPU related. It means, in my experience, that your GPU accelerated effects are oversaturating the device's capability. If you have scaling, frame rate conversions, color space differences, blend modes (these are all GPU accelerated in the export process), you are further saturating the bandwidth.


              My advice is to use the smart rendering workflow to offload all GPU processes by rendering previews of these effects, and then using those previews in the export process.


              In Sequence Settings, set the render codec to either ProRes 422 (Mac) or GoPro Cineform (PC). Then, render your entire timeline. Export in the exact same codec, with "Use Previews" selected. Your rendering will occur without these kinds of issues with the side benefit of being very fast. If you see any mistakes on watchdown, just correct them, re-render that portion, then export quickly once more.


              Please try it and let us know if it works for you.



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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee


                Still haven't heard back from you. Is all well now?