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    Sending custom colors/gradients to someone else

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      Can a color and gradient saved to the swatches palette be saved to a
      .fla and be given to someone else with the color and gradients available
      on their own computer?

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          sneakyimp Level 2
          Immediately above the scroll bar under swatches in Flash CS3 there is a menu that allows you to 'save colors' which creates a .CLR file that you could mail to someone I suppose. Not sure what version you have or whether this would also save gradients, but I'd be willing to bet you could export a color palette and email it to someone.

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            Flashygirl_UK Level 1
            I want to know if you can import an .aco file into Flash 8???
            Want to know as I found a firefox add on that will save colour palettes to .aco files to use with Flash and Photoshop.
            The program/app is called Palette Grabber.
            Does anyone know if this can be done? and How it can be done because I cant see the way to do it!!!

            Found it... Looks like it works but in the help it says the following...
            Importing and exporting color palettes
            To import and export both RGB colors and gradients between Flash files, you use Flash Color Set files (CLR files). You can import and export RGB color palettes using Color Table files (ACT files) that can be used with Macromedia Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop. You can also import color palettes, but not gradients, from GIF files. You cannot import or export gradients from ACT files.
            SO how come my .aco file works?
            I am using Flash 8.
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              Flashygirl_UK Level 1
              I'm double posting here for a reason...

              Just found it will save as about 9 different file types... so it looks good !
              I rate Palette Grabber - Only for Firefox (3 and above ??)
              I can save as a direct file .clr for Flash so I am OK

              However I understand it is saving palettes within Flash it what you are after and yes the person above is correct... In Flash 8 there is a little symbol above the swatches that you can drop down and the command is in the list there !

              I'm going to try saving a custom palette just for fun!!

              Just to add also that to round this off I'll use Adobe online app, Kuler to upload colour schemes !
              I think my mind is at rest now!

              Hope this helps