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    Lightroom 4 setup file.




      I have troubles with my Lightroom 4.

      Whenever I have a SD card plugged into my iMac (or a Camera connected via USB), Lightroom crashes right away.


      This means I can't use Lightroom to shoot tethered on my Nikon D700 and I really need that for work purposes, yet Lightroom 4 supports that camera.

      My Lightroom 4 was bought and it's not a pirate copy from the web.


      I was looking to get a net Lightroom 4 setup file so I'd try to reinstall it and found this link:
      Download Photoshop Lightroom

      The only problem is that when I browse to find the Lightroom 4 for Mac link, it says I should contact support.
      I was with Adobe on the phone and they were not able to send me a download link.


      So my two questions:
      1) Is there a way to fix the problems I currently have with my version of Lightroom 4 so it doesn't crash whenever I connect a camera or SD Card on my iMac?
      2) Does anyone have a Lightroom 4 Setup File for Mac so I can try to reinstall it using a different setup file?