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    Adding only certain audio tracks from .MXF to timeline

    ilkymilk Level 1

      Hi community,


      I have a .MXF File here. It's got 7 different audiotracks. I only want to ad track no. 5 and 6 to my timeline on track 1 and 2. How does that work?


      Here is what I do and what takes too much time: I'm activating source patching for each audio track in my timeline. I'm inserting the .MXF file and delete the tracks I don't want to have. Now I'm moving the tracks that I wanted (5 and 6) to their final position (1 and 2).


      How to do that quicker?


      Thanks a lot for your help!

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          marque-1968 Level 1

          Well aren't you lucky I do something with audio, that touches your question.


          I normally have to go down from the 16 audio channels in my MXF to the 4 I use, to prevent Premiere always creating new audio tracks for the footage, which I must delete again. However, this also allows you to determine the tracks you want to use.


          Select the MXF Files (yes you can select all the identical MXF files in one move here).
          On one of the MXF files press the right mouse button (or better "Opposite" mouse button, or "wrong" mouse button, especially if you've set your mouse to left handed use).
          Select MODIFY -> AUDIO CHANNELS
          Set number of audio clips to 2
          Tick the boxes of "Media Source Channel" 5 for Channel 1, and 6 for channel 2.
          Press OK


          And set the A1 and A2 in the first column of your timeline to the Audio 1 and 2 track respectively.



          However, there is also a simpel option.


          If you have the MFX clip in the source monitor, you will see the A1 to A6 in the first column of your active timeline. However, if you have less audio channels on the timeline, you have a white "+" sign on the bottom audio track. This creates all other audio channels for now.


          Then, from that same first column, switch off all audio channels, apart from A5 and A6, and move them to the first and second audiotrack of your timeline. When you now add audio, also just those two tracks will be placed on the same timeline, but all audio channels will still be available to you in the source window.


          I would prefer the first option, but that's up to you.


          Good luck.

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