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    Flex Builder 3 Release


      Can any one from Adobe tell when Flex Builder 3 is going to be released for commercial use?

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          Sorry, I'm afraid we can't be too much more specific than that. We've said "early 2008" and that's still about as precise as we're allowed.

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            Is there any way to get a license or something to disable the watermark on the AdvancedDataGrid? We can live with a late bata for in-house use, but the watermark is a bit much for some of our users since it says "Trial". If it said "Beta" that would be more acceptable.
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              If you need a solution to the watermark issue between now and launch, drop me a note with a bit more information about what you're trying to do and I'll try to assist. buntel at adobe dot com
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                tinylion_uk Level 2
                it's strange, I've been using the various version of Builder 3 for so long now I almost forget it's not be released and paid for, lol. I've already got a head full of expection for 4, oh dear - never enough. :-)

                just want to take this chance to say how great the change to public beta has been for us (and I assume, everyone out there).