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    CC 2019 Apps Rubbish

    oohaar Level 2

      I need to rant.


      So I made the grand mistake of updating all of the CC 2019 Apps I use, Acrobat, Bridge, Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and well that was a huge mistake. All of them are ridiculously slow, colour profiles don't stick when I've set them up. Acrobat has gotten worse than before and I don't how that is even possible. It sucks so much memory and is so slow anyway that I can't believe they made it worse.


      Anyway back to InDesign

      Workspaces don't stick. Only appear after I click on something that should be in my space. Congrats on that one Adobe. It's credibly slow. It asks me every single time about the colour profile of the document. Tried to find out how to turn that crap off but can't find a way. Tried to make my profiles stick too and that doesn't wanna work. Hangs.. ALOT. Slow to save files.



      Slow. Slow. Slow. Takes about 10 minutes to open a 50kb file. Hangs.. ALOT. Slow to save files.



      Slow. Slow. Slow. Hangs.. ALOT. Slow to save files.


      Oh and I have 11 machines running this hunk of junk so I think I spend enough money annually with Adobe to tell them to sort their sh*t out.

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          aennie Level 1

          hey, I have the same issues - nice to meet you! :-)


          I bought my macbook pro last year in November. biggest and fastest one. but the big machine doesn’t help at all: after upgrading to CC2019, it runs hot every time I launch an Adobe app and the cpu is on overload.


          I use the same apps as you. Indesign is super slow! I mean: click. wait. mark text. wait. scroll. wait. change colour. wait. open a second document... waaaaaiiiiit. so I make lunch. eat. wait a little longer... I am getting furious.


          I cannot work in “fine preview“ mode and have to turn it down to low resolution, which I the worst when you create designs. wtf?! today I had to wait at least three times for about five minutes until I was allowed to work on because Indesign randomly hangs itself („indesign does not respond“).


          It is definitely a software problem. everything was fine until I clicked on „update“. I hope they will fix this asap because working like this is pain in the... you know...


          but at least I can help you with the colour profiles which turned me nuts, as well:


          go to photoshop and adjust your preferred colour profile settings there. save them as e.g. „your name“.


          go to bridge and load the colour profile there. be sure that „your name“ is activated (the colour ring icon must be closed).


          open indesign again an check the profile. it should be correct now - using the „global“ setting.


          this worked for me. and if you still get popup messages when opening old documents, make sure to adjust the profile setting mentioned above correctly or click „don‘t show massage again“.


          good luck to both of us! :-)


          (I cannot tell how much I hate spending 49 eur each month for this! It‘s like working with my hands tied on my back.)

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            oohaar Level 2

            This has got to be the worst update ever by them. I'm the same, wait wait wait. I want to see a preview of an image in Photoshop, I can literally click the image, go and make a coffee and by the time I come back it's till not showing.


            This is horrific. I run a Mac Pro with masses of memory.

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              Josip Matic Level 1

              Wait is this real? And it clears my 2018 apps.

              I have urgent colour sensitive job to finish today, and my colour profiles keeps reseting.

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                oohaar Level 2

                I'd go and reinstall 2018 Apps. Stable and solid and you don't get all the issues.

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                  davcoccio Level 1

                  Yep, same for me.

                  At first I was blaming my MacBook Pro for being a tad old (although CC 2018 was working smoothly). However now I'm seeing that people are complaining about CC 2019 on more recent machines, so I thought I would share.


                  The worst for me is InDesign. Keeps quitting on me for no reason and became slower. One of the reasons I'm using InDesign for layout it's for it snappiness while dealing with massive amount of files at the same time (especially when designing magazines). Well that snappiness is gone. It's still working but it feels clumsier. Also InDesign doesn't seem to open recent files that are located on a server. It shows it on the list of recently opened file but then can't find it even if I'm connected to the server.


                  Premiere had some major issues in the beginning. It was quitting every 10-15min or so. Then I read that I had to install new softwares to optimize my graphic card or something. Now it works well.


                  Photoshop is still working fine. The Content Aware is really amazing. Big up on that!


                  Illustrator is is taking a lot more time to save a file which has always been the case, especially for large files, but now it's even for small ridiculous files. Oh and it's even slow to open documents, large or small. One last thing I noticed is that when I update a link on Photoshop and update it right away on Illustrator (which I do maybe 100-200 times a day) now it loses the link like 1 our 3 times, which is a huge loss of time


                  It would be nice to know if this is something Adobe is working on and would be fixed in a later update? or if they think their software is perfect and we are left all alone here with our faulty apps?

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                    keithc72394121 Level 1

                    I'm having the same issues with Indesign and Photoshop 2019. Hangs up or just outright crashes continuously. I have a pretty stout machine.


                    I have had to go back to the previous version, which was very stable... no issues at all. I really hope Adobe fixes this quickly. It is rapidly becoming a pain when sharing files with users that are able to use the newest version.

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                      davcoccio Level 1

                      Actually nevermind, Photoshop is buggy too. The text tool is driving me crazy, it's flickering all the time I want to edit text, or sometimes the edit box doesn't even appear when I double click on the text layer.

                      Also the inversion of the shift key in transform mode is a nightmare. I know it's a new "feature" but apparently, it's supposed to follow the same transform norms as other apps. But if I'm not mistaken Illustrator doesn't have the forced proportional transform. And after a week or so using this new inverted shift key I realized I'm using much more unproportionate transformations than proportionate, so now I have to hold the shift key basically all the time...


                      Oh and last (probably not last) but not least. What's wrong with Bridge CC 2019??? Bridge is supposed to be the simplest of your app and you managed to spoil that one too. I used to use Bridge when the Finder in my Mac wasn't able to display the thumbnails of let's say a very crowded assets folder. We all have these folders with tons of links, images, heavy PSD that the Finder cannot render as a thumbnail because of memory reason. Bridge used to solve that problem by optimizing the process and displaying lightning fast thumbnails and I'd be able to go through a folder and find what I wanted in no time. Now Bridge takes as long as Finder, and sometimes it doesn't even show a thumbnail anymore. WHY??

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                        davcoccio Level 1

                        Oh and just today Illustrator just hard quit twice on me after a prompt that I never seen popped on my screen saying that I didn't have enought RAM for preview... well that's new... Had to start twice what I was doing because I suddenly lost everything I did in the past 20min. What's up Adobe?

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                          aeknauf Level 1

                          I agree that this update is probably one of the worst I have ever come across from Adobe and I have been using Adobe products since Illustrator 88!!!


                          I upgraded on one machine to test and instantly came across problems.  I have three more to upgrade and will not be doing that till Adobe sorts the bugs out.  Auto collapsing menus creating multiple clicking to use options that would have one take one click in the past, slow opening files, low RAM warnings (caused by both Photoshop and Illustrator not clearing RAM when files where closed), preferences not actually working (can't get rid of the home screen in most apps), menu items being moved and having to spend ages finding them all again.  And Adobe, we professionals, who have been using the software for many, many years, don't care about a CLEAN interface, we need the options and tools for efficiency.  Stop moving stuff around and switch off the tour popups and notifications by default.  If we want to find out about new features we will go looking for them. 


                          Sorry rant over!!!!!!!!!!

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                            philw62542790 Level 1

                            I'm glad other users are experiencing the same issues as I am (sorry, but just glad I'm not alone). This is horrendous ADOBE need to sort this out!!


                            Photoshop transform tool is an utter mess, full of bugs, having to re-place linked images twice over to to get them to render correctly. The tool has been 'updated' or easier to say changed for no reason whatsoever and just doesn't function in a conventional manner as it did before.


                            Don't even get me started on colour profiles. Utter nightmare!!!! MY work looks like I design it on acid.


                            I've lost days of billing hours trying to fix problems I didn't have before the update, or just been slowed down by bugs and weird changes. Been apologising to clients for delays and unexplainable errors making it look like I'm using Adobe as an excuse for a whole shed load of problems! These aren't even updates that 'you'll get used  to eventually.' They're a mess.


                            I can't believe for one second anyone involved in these updates uses creative suite on a daily basis as their main tool of business. Shambles is the most polite word that comes to mind.


                            I've been using Adobe applications for over 25 years and wish i had an alternative because I would show my utter contempt by going elsewhere.


                            Another rant over. Back to trying to catch up and making excuses.


                            Any response Adobe??

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                              Looneytoon1975 Level 1

                              You can actually blame both

                              I've been a Mac & adobe geek from the 1st hour... right now, I place a lot of question marks on both. Luckily, there are very good alternatives (GPU-rendering PC's) to ditch apple. Sadly, there are no Adobe alternatives.

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                                Tom Spettter Level 1

                                Actually, there is a good alternative to 2 of their apps - Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer (I am not affiliated with the company in any way) https://affinity.serif.com/

                                They recently came out with a beta for a page layout program. I have not had a chance to play with that yet.

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                                  LightBrigade Level 1

                                  Yes, a total waste of my time trying to work with this crap. My machine hangs up in PS. The transform tool is not behaving, more of my time wasted. My plugins aren't compatible now. Two hour waste of time, trying to figure out what's up with that, to no avail. Bought a new action, that does not work in it. The email attachment application that worked with the cloud, no longer works, so I looked like and *** to a client when I sent off a file for them to review. Very disgusted  You are supposed to make things better not worse. Not everyone does their work from a smartphone.  Try investing some time in your core desktop applications, for the the photographers and designers that have stayed with you. Or lose your crown, OnOne is waiting in the wings.

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                                    LightBrigade Level 1

                                    Totally agree! Too bad we can't charge them for time lost!

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                                      Steve Milne Level 1

                                      This is one of the worst updates Adobe has done. Everything is slower, InDesign keeps spinning the rainbow wheel of death in EMPTY page documents before I even do anything. If Photoshop crashes for whatever reason it's screws up my Suitcase plugins and need to quit all Adobe software open to get it sort itself. Illustrator has been getting steady worse for years now and again, is sooooooo slooooooowwwwwww. I absolutely HATE working in Illustrator as it is so clunky. Why does After Effets open, show the content, then disappear and load then content in again?


                                      And Adobe, bin that bloody stupid scaling option in Photoshop and slap the developer who thought it was a 'great' idea. Every other Adobe software scales in size holding down shift, why the heck do you want to NOT have that anymore in Photoshop is beyond me.

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                                        pushabutton123 Level 1

                                        Totally agree. I am on a PC and indesign hangs doing just about everything, and you don't even get a dialog box. Just sits there forever. Trying to convert some text to a table and it never got it done. I jumped back to my 2014 version that we have to have still because of stibo plugins, and it took it less than 2 seconds to do it. Spending my morning rolling back to earlier versions, then sending out a dept wide memo to NOT upgrade.  25+ year Adobe user who now no longer recommends Adobe.

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                                          manuelz26435875 Level 1

                                          This makes me feel so much better, I was seriously thinking it was my new computer acting up...


                                          As a full time graphic designer, Adobe needs to step it up and fix this and fix this quick!  I do not have time to wait for Illustrator to keep "thinking".  It has taken me 3 times longer to do the simplest tasks..


                                          If anyone has come across a setting or anything to speed it up, please pass it along, just so we can all work faster, and wait for them to fix this bug.

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                                            logo4u Level 1

                                            ADOBE - WHY DO YOU HATE US?

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                                              Steve Milne Level 1

                                              Dunno about anyone else, but I'm going back to CC 2018 until Adobe sorts this shambles out. Photoshop crashing all over the place. Everything so slow. Utter joke. Can I get my money back?


                                              Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 10.56.38.png

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                                                Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                                                Why did you post that picture?


                                                ...and the refund policy can be found on the Adobe web sites.

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                                                  logo4u Level 1

                                                  YES - this is terrible relese ever. I can only use Illustrator after first update. PHOTOSHOP and INDESIGN is UNUSABLE. And one more total crap - ir ADOBE READER - only spinig beach ball, even then you open very small document.... Adobe Adobe.... what the f... you are doing?

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                                                    Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                                                    I have no or little trouble with this update. But I know that there were some bugs in Illustrator and that an update has been released soon after.


                                                    You can reinstall a prior version in the meantime and wait for more bug fixes.

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                                                      Steve Milne Level 1

                                                      Why? Because the updates are garbage.

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                                                        ShaneH Level 1

                                                        I'm seriously considering downgrading our entire department back to CC 2018. All the 2019 apps have new bugs that didn't exist before. Working over a network is worse and slower than ever. Unnecessary changes made to features that worked fine before. Bugs in the user interface, such as inability to control window size in Illustrator, inability to see outline of layer in Photoshop's free transform distort, missing pieces of user interface in save-as dialog. And what's with the new sizing of all the panels and toolbar? Overall, the apps have a very junky, amateurish feel to them — like using something developed by Corel back in the late 1990s. The 2019 release is pure junk. Do the developers not test and do peer reviews before releasing major upgrades?


                                                        Using a one-year-old iMac Pro to do all the work — a very expensive and capable computer.

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                                                          ShaneH Level 1

                                                          Adobe has been a monopoly for too long — so they think they can do whatever they want and dish it out to us no matter how good or bad. It's good to have alternatives.

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                                                            philw62542790 Level 1

                                                            I've tried to continue in the hope that there will be an update to fix everything but it's getting ridiculously painful. Very close to reverting to 2018.

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                                                              garcesdesign Level 1

                                                              Same here!

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                                                                Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                                                                Revert to 2018 and wait for the updates to come.


                                                                I would also invite you to file bug reports of the bugs you detected.

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                                                                  MelissaLA88 Adobe Community Professional

                                                                  As suggested by Abambo, here is the Bug Report form Feature Request/Bug Report Form


                                                                  I also have had very little issues with this latest update. I hope things get better for you.

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                                                                    Daniel E Lane Level 3

                                                                    Not many issues with any of the apps here either. A little with Photoshop that I spent about 20 minutes getting rectified, but that had a lot to do with updating photoshop and my OS and my Wacom drivers al at one time. few things still there like the think wheel when rulers are showing and things like that. Expect some fixes shortly for those, but no real complaints here.

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                                                                      Adam Kenneth Campbell Level 1

                                                                      I am going to chime in on this post, even though Adobe doesn't care about their users anymore.


                                                                      The problem with modern software development doesn't lie with a lack of talent on the teams of people who build this stuff. It lies squarely on the terrible management of software teams.


                                                                      The agile methodology used to create software runs on the premise that you can have "Good, Fast, and Cheap" — but you only get to pick 2.


                                                                      Modern software development has COMPLETELY abandoned the "GOOD" in favor of "Fast and Cheap" these days. If you use products such as Sketch, InVision, Evernote, and others created by fresh startups — you will see this as the dominating factor across the board.


                                                                      It used to be that the old vanguards of large companies took more pride, and had more resources available to make sure their shippable products were relatively bug free. You cannot fully eliminate bugs before release, as it takes SOME user testing in the real world for bugs to present themselves.


                                                                      With cloud based computing, we are watching quality control completely collapse, not just from the small shops but large corporations as well. The rush to get software into the hands of users FAST, and filling it up with NEW FEATURES rules the day. Fixing BROKEN features will ONLY happen if enough customers complain. If you look on message boards for the previously mentioned InVision, Evernote, and Sketch — you will see their boards completely full of user complaints going back 11-15 years that these companies have no intention of fixing.


                                                                      Now we are seeing the larger software companies completely throwing QA out the window. Large AAA video game releases are typically so riddled with bugs on release that the games are unplayable. Players need to wait days or weeks for patch fixes just to play the game they bought. It is now more acceptable to release a broken piece of garbage than to delay the release date.


                                                                      Same thing with Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, etc. This 2019 release of Adobe products is HANDS DOWN the worst "upgrade" i've ever seen from this company. I've been using Adobe products going back to Illustrator 88 as well.


                                                                      Yes, every single new release of Adobe software presents some bugs. Patch releases tend to smooth those out fairly quickly — but this 2019 release is a TOTAL **** SHOW. There are SO MANY BUGS in ALL of the software I've used since the update, AND most of the "new functionality" like completely breaking the Transform tools in Photoshop, the brush lag, and all of the other things I've had to reset back to the previous way things worked using various methods such as inserting an override prefs file, running terminal commands, etc just proves my point. They did not even provide a graceful way IN THE F-ING SOFTWARE ITSELF to turn off these problematic features.


                                                                      GARBAGE GARBAGE GARBAGE


                                                                      But don't worry, the Adobe fan boys who have nothing to do than spend their time for free posting on a message board — essentially doing Adobe's job FOR THEM, FOR FREE will jump on the thread to tell everyone how wrong they are.

                                                                      • 32. Re: CC 2019 Apps Rubbish
                                                                        Daniel E Lane Level 3

                                                                        lol, Adam Kenneth Campbell. Too funny! You scream and complain and rant about the "fan boys" yet you are still on here yourself, taking quite a bit of time to write a huge post, just to sneer and deride what? A piece of software? You really need to get out more bro!

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                                                                          twinbrush Level 2

                                                                          I'd check out Affinity. I haven't yet but from what I'm reading and hearing they might be just the ticket. (fingers, eyes, ears, legs and lungs crossed)

                                                                          • 34. Re: CC 2019 Apps Rubbish
                                                                            twinbrush Level 2

                                                                            As for the other issues....absolutely the same. The latest update has been nothing short of a f*cking joke. I make no apologies for any language I use during the following rant: I've paid enough money over the last sh!t-knows-how-many years to Adobe for the software to have gotten progressively worse, that I'm allowing myself the entitlement to share by utter f*cking contempt.


                                                                            InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop are all now ridiculously slow. The most mundane and basic of tasks takes longer that loading Cobra for the Spectrum ZX. Processing power, ram and storage on this machine are certainly not the issue. Its squarely in the greedy mits of Adobe. The countless hours I'm now losing waiting for basic functions, or having the program just quit....can't say I blame them really, I probably would if i worked for Adobe too.


                                                                            These updates are nonsense. From what i can see they are only being churned out to merit being able to charge a subscription fee. The rest seems to be a case of breaking something that didn't need fixed and not fixing the **** that is broken. Adobe you do realise we pay for this hassle, we pay with money and time. The whole thing is becoming utter horse sh!te.


                                                                            But, I can install a previous version (this is probably the most said thing)...it then begs the question what was the f*cking point in the update if I'm going to have to use a previous version. That by definition means the software isn't fit for purpose and as consumers we're all entitled by statutory law to get a refund...fat f*cking chance

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                                                                              Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                                                                              You must be a happy man if you get that f-action for each line you write. Yes you can install the f stable versions and you should f do so...

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                                                                                ShaneH Level 1

                                                                                I have given CC2019 a very genuine college try. I don't believe being stuck in the past, and don't believe in going backwards; but some of the changes made to the apps are beyond insane.


                                                                                Techniques in Photoshop that used to take me seconds are now taking minutes, as I try to figure our WHY ON EARTH they were changed and how do adapt to the new techniques. Things like command-clicking a layer to make a selection now produces unexpected results. You can't see the edge of a selection unless you jump through hoops. You can't see the edge of a free transform distort. There's a little circle that seems to randomly pop up in the middle of objects. I didn't need the circle before and don't know why it's there now. Things that worked fine for 20 years have changed for no reason and make so sense. It's a waste of the little time I have.


                                                                                And it's not just Photoshop.


                                                                                This morning, I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why InDesign suddenly decided to trash all my palette locations on my two-screen iMac configuration. I had to re-establish the workspace and start over. My pallets re-gather, overlapped, off the left side of my main screen several times a week.


                                                                                In Illustrator, I can't resize a window by grabbing the lower-right handle without it going out of control. It's as though Adobe assumes everyone prefers the Application Frame, and didn't bother to check whether there were bugs in the free window configuration.


                                                                                And everything is just SO SLOW working off a network server.


                                                                                This is so frustrating and wasting so much of my time. I know Adobe doesn't read these forums, but I think this conversation needs to continue. This is the most-handicapping upgrade to Adobe software since the botched InDesign release a few years ago that was causing a firestorm on the forums. Good grief, they are asleep at the wheel.

                                                                                • 37. Re: CC 2019 Apps Rubbish
                                                                                  Daniel E Lane Level 3

                                                                                  You are assuming that your opinions are the only ones that count. There were reasons for the changes made, including a huge number of requests by regular users for many of them. It's not like a huge and successful company is going to completely change up how they do things and alter the way Photoshop works 27 years later just to piss people off or because they just felt it would be fun. You should try something like, I dont know, watching a tutorial on all of the changes made in an application with a new version when it happens. That way, you know what's up, you can either adapt or find a way to resort to the old ways in the preferences before you get going. If you are going to do regular updates to the software, you should expect these things. If you think you don't have time at the moment to go through all of that, don't do the update, or install an older version as well to work with while you spend the time learning or changing the way the new version works. If you and everyone else were to think before you leap, maybe the "firestorm on the forums" could be avoided and the drama would not reach daytime TV levels.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: CC 2019 Apps Rubbish
                                                                                    ShaneH Level 1

                                                                                    Graphic design and photography are two different things, Daniel.


                                                                                    Scroll up and you will see that I didn't start this thread.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: CC 2019 Apps Rubbish
                                                                                      ShaneH Level 1

                                                                                      And what do you mean by "regular users"? Designers were going to Photoshop World conferences a good decade before photography went digital and photographers jumped on board. Completely different environments, photography vs. ad agency. Is Photoshop not for designers anymore?

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