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    Creating a Site Map and Link

      Hey folks, new to these forums, but I'm on a deadline for this evening, and I have an entire flash site ready, with only one small problem:

      The Site Map. I've uploaded my .FLA for people to have a look at, so I can get some serious help with this.

      Just reply here if you can take a look.

      As you'll see if you download the file, there's a site map button in the upper right corner, that does nothing when you click it.

      Now, there are 5 main pages, the Home Page, M.Maurus page, Equipment, On Assignment and Contacts page. I want to make a 6th, and have that be the Site Map, and then link to it from the button in the top right. Can someone please give it a shot and let me know ASAP? I have about 2.5 hours to get this done, and I'm turning to these forums for the help I need! Please let me know, and the process you used to complete it!!!