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    Targeting a better Search

      Hey Everyone,
      I need some guidance here...

      I am documenting a propietary platform for a financial software that is downloaded upon a purchase. One of the biggest complaints our customers have is using the Search function. Upon Searching a topic, i.e. "Creating a Chart" 200+ topics are displayed because within each topic 'create' and 'chart' is being tagged in the search. As a result, topics that have no relation to "Creating a Chart" topic is being generated. Which is frustrating the customer because they are overwhelmed with all the results RoboHelp is providing them.

      What are my options around this? Can I disable those buzz words ('create, chart') that are generated within other topics that have no relation to the "Create a Chart" topic? Is there anyway to tell RoboHelp to only Search titles only by default? This is a huge issue for us and I really need the best course of action around this issue.

      Please help.