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    Tethered Capture 5D Mark IV Adobe LR CC




      Yesterday I did my first tethered shoot in a long time with my 5D Mark IV into my Macbook Pro laptop via USB cable.  In terms of usual tethered shooting it was very stable unlike previous experiences.




      I went to review my RAW files and only small fine JPEGs seem to have been brought into my laptop.  My camera is set up for RAW files to CF and Small Fine Jpeg as backup to SD.


      Some portraits of my make up artist shot untethered at the end of the shoot are the only images files recorded on either card.


      I went to replicate tethered shooting again today to see if I could identify any obvious mistakes I made and the only setting that I could see that I overlooked was to "Save a copy to camera" which was unchecked.  I have been through my preferences in Lightroom and also the settings in my camera and I can't identify anything else I should have done.


      The import dialogue box indicated to me that saving names would be .DNG so I can't see how I should have expected otherwise.


      I am frustrated as the model has now soon to leave the country and my MUA is still due her payment but I guess that's my problem.


      It seems as though I have no chance of having the RAW files from the shoot.  Is that correct? Neither card has been formatted since the shoot but my import directory clearly only has JPEG files.


      What did I do wrong, other than not checking "save to camera"?  Why did Lightroom not at least the import RAW files rather than jpegs?  Why didn't it warn me that would be the case when I initiated the tethered capture and how do I avoid this from happening again






      LR Version:

      Lightroom Classic version: 8.0 [ 1193777 ]


      MAC OS

      High Sierra 10.13.6


      Canon 5D Mark IV

      FW Version 1.1.2